Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tool Box Lid Stand

I don't know what to call this clever idea of Dad's, but he needed a way to support his old toolbox lid so it wouldn't tip over when you take out the tray and put it on the lid.

When you open the lid, the metal rods swing out automatically so the lid is supported. You can then take out the insert tray and put it on the lid without the toolbox tipping over.

Here's how he did it. As a former employee at Lear Siegler in Tucson, working with sheet metal, he brought home lots of scrap plastic edge protectors used with steel strap to package sheet metal.

The red thing on the front of the toolbox is one of these. This particular style has a loop at the edge leaving a space for a metal rod.

He bent up copper wire in a U shape, stuck it in the loop edge of the protector, cut the protector to fit the lid and its latch, then drilled and pop-riveted the protector onto the lid.

Some fuel hose is used to weight the rod so it'll swing down when the lid is opened. The copper rod is bent over at the end so the fuel hose will fit snugly and not fall off.

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