Friday, July 17, 2009

Organize by Reusing Containers

Here's another Fixit Fundamental. You can reuse (hoard?) containers to help you fix other stuff. So you're repurposing some things while helping you do a better job of keeping other stuff out of the landfill. Wild!

I always seem to have several repair projects going at once. These things take time, so as I take a break from one thing I start up on something new, or continue with another project. But always there's little nuts and bolts and pieces and whatnot that I invariably lose.

You can reuse any of the following containers and more, one per project, to contain those bits and pieces. Label the container with tape and a sharpie as to what project's parts are contained within:
  • Plastic yogurt container with lid (some brands have lids; large or small)
  • Plastic salsa container with lid
  • Illy espresso tin with plastic lining and screw top lid (yummy coffee too)
  • Steel coffee can with plastic lid (I also like Lavazza espresso but anyway...)
  • Large plastic pickle jar
  • Prescription medication container
  • I'm sure you can think of more...
Ok, sure, much of this stuff you'd recycle, but re-purposing is probably even better, right? Especially if it helps you keep track of several simultaneous repair projects.

Mostly what I look for is any container that has a lid that stands a reasonable chance of staying on even if bumped or dropped. Doesn't really matter to me if it is metal or plastic. The other thing is I try to hoard anything I use regularly like yogurt or salsa containers. Hope this helps you organize your repairs!

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